How does it work?

Two major approaches are ‘non-directive’ and ‘directive’. A combination of these approaches is used according to the circumstances and needs of the child or adolescent.

Non-directive play therapy allows a child to target their difficulties in their own way through their lead. While in directive play therapy, the therapist suggests the activity to support the child to address and process their difficulties. A play therapy intervention can either be as an individual or in small groups.


A group play therapy session will typically last 50 minutes. A small group ratio of 4 children to one qualified play therapist will work together for a pre-determined 6-10 week intervention.


An individual play therapy session will typically last 40 minutes and will be your child and one qualified play therapist. For short term interventions, 12 sessions will be offered and for long term interventions, 12-24 sessions will be offered.


There is a large variety of play activities available during the play therapy sessions that allow a child or adolescent to reach into their unconscious known as the play therapy tool-kit:



Creative Visualisation
Therapeutic Storytelling
Drama, Role Play and Dressing Up
Art (Inc. Clay, Paints, Drawing)