Welcome to AW Play Therapy

Play is vital to every child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical, creative and language development.

Children of any age may encounter difficulties in emotional literacy, behaviours, social situations or mental health problems. It has been recognised that around 20% of children face this in the UK and these can prevent a child from reaching their potential without any intervention. It is essential to recognise that mental health is just as important as physical health and preventions and cures are available for mental health, especially for children through play therapy.


Children use play in the way that adults use talking to communicate their feelings and problems. When children feel accepted in a trusted and reciprocal relationship, their unconscious minds feel safe to express themselves through the use of play and toys. Communication through play is often a lot more powerful than verbal conversation, as it is difficult for children to consciously recognise what their feelings are, what they mean and why they feel or act in a certain way.


AW play therapy is committed to providing the best opportunities for all children and adolescents that we work with and we recognise that each child is unique. We work holistically and individually to ensure each child has the appropriate tools to utilise within their sessions, which encourages attainment of their end therapy goals and ability to reach self-actualisation.